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Bharatiya Vidya Mandir, Amravati's

Bhagawantrao Shivaji Patil Mahavidyalaya Paratwada

Amravati (MS) - 444805

Affiliated to Sant Gadge Baba Amravati University
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About Department

The department of English is commenced at the establishment of college in 1969 Since the beginning of college two subjects compulsory English and English literature were introduced in order to gain the knowledge of English language and literature to the students in such a ruler area Becoming English as compulsory subject every ruler student got opportunity to learn, listen and speak English. With this advantage the students desired to have the knowledge of English literature and thus most of the students started to admit in English literature.

In the session 1997 – 1998 the new subject functional English is introduced in college by the five year grant of U.G.C. Hence well equipped digital English language lab is established. Minimum twenty students in one batch studied the subject in digital English language lab. The main intention to commence this subject was gaining the basic knowledge of English grammar, pronunciation of English words , parts of speech, figure of speech and communication in English language.

In the session 2011- 2012 P.G. Course M.A. I English is introduced in college with great attempts of Prin. Dr. R.A. Umekar. At the beginning 28 students were admitted in M.A. I and at this Session 60 students in M.A. I and 32 students in M.A. II are studying the permanent teachers, C.H.B. teachers and guest teachers teach the prescribed syllabus to the students. In this way the department has progressed since the beginning of the college till today.

To enable students to read well, to write well and to think well
To provide students appropriate knowledge in the discipline of English language and literature .
To attract students towards reading skill to examine literature from multiple eras, cultures and genres with critical understanding .
To revive research skill in students which enable them to expand, from a variety of perspectives, their own reading of literature and understanding of language .
We generate in students the habit of close reading of texts in lectures, seminars presentation and small group-discussion .
the writing of analytical and other kinds of essays .
The objectives of the department are closely related to those of the university as a whole but also reflect the special nature of our discipline and our commitment to literature, language and the arts .
Our commitment to the quality of education that we offer is reflected in our determination to maintain a relatively low student/teacher ratio and to give our students the benefits of direct contact with scholars in the field ..