Management Committee

      On the auspicious occasion of 12th Nov 1959 the admirers of education and friends founded the  institution Bharatiya Vidyamandir Society in Amravati. With generosity of local donors, the  Bharatiya Vidyamandir grew like the baniyan tree under which three senior colleges and many  high schools are serving the noble cause of education. The first college was instituted in the year   1960 with Arts, Commerce and science Streams and later Junior and MCVC. Taking into  consideration the demand and need of the area the second college was started at Paratwada  having Arts and commerce Streams along with Junior and MCVC in the Year 1969. Similarly the   third college was instituted at Morshi in the year 1970 to cater the needs of the area of Morshi,   having Arts and commerce streams along with Junior and MCVC.
      The management has taken keen interest in providing infrastructure having necessary facilities  and even the spot selection of all the colleges is superb. The Society is dedicated in providing  facilities in order to fulfill the vision and the goals it has set.


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 College Golden Year 2018-2019.

Management Committee

Presidents of Bharatiya Vidyamandir Amravati

1 Late N.R. Bamangaonkar
2 Late Adv. S.R. Gokhale
3 Late R.W. Lahudkar
4 Late M.G. Dhote
5 Dr. B.G. Tayade
6 Shri. G.S. Vaidya
7 Shri. V.S. Kulkarni
8 Late S.B. Chinchmalatpure
9 Late D.N. Alias Dadasaheb Metkar
10 Adv. Yaduraj Metkar
11 Dr. R.B. Bijwe

Executive Committee

1 Dr. R.B. BijwePresident
2 Ku. S. B. Kulkarni Vice President
3 Shri Anant SomwanshiVice President
4 Dr.Satish. V. KulkarniGeneral Secretary
5 Dr. Aradhana Vaidya Treasurer
6 Shri Prashant BhagwatkarSecretary
7 Shri S. M. Chinchmalatpure Secretary

College Development Committee

1 Prof. Dr. R.B. BijwePresident
2 Prof. Dr. S. V. KulkarniVice President
3 Prof. R.J.KhanderaoVice President
4 Dr. P.B.GarodeGeneral Secretary
5 Lady TeacherVacant
6 Shri S. S. gawandeMember
7 Shri. R. B. Mahajan Member
8 Dr S. B. Gawali Member
9 Shri. P. M. Patil Member
10 Shri S. S. Pendhari Member
11 Dr. E. D. Tatte Member
12 Student President Vacant
13 Ku. P.S. Borekar Student Secretary
14 Dr. R. A.Umekar Member Secretary
15 Prof Dr. Aradhana Vaidya Special Invitee

School Committee

1 Dr. R.B. BijwePresident
2 Dr. Satish. V. KulkarniGeneral Secretary
3 Dr. Aradhana Vaidya Member
4 Shri R. B. Mahajan Member
5 Shri S. M. Rajesh Teacher Representative
6 Shri V. M. Metkar Teacher Representative
7 Shri S. M. Ghoge Non Teaching Representative
8 Dr. R. A. Umekar(Principal) Member Secretary

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